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#FollowMeTo Couple's wedding venue: castle Zhavoronki Event Hall

This wedding was awaited by all Instagram users: a photographer Murad Osmann and mysterious Natalia Zakharova, a muse and the heroine of the Instagram-project #followmeto, became Internet sensation. Newlyweds cemented their relationship at a small castle, Zhavoronki Event Hall, which was transformed in a fairy tale space worthy of the imagination of Lewis Carroll.


Just 20 km from Moscow is a not just a suburban complex, but a real rustic architectural ensemble formed in the typical medieval style, designed for events of various sizes: from private parties to luxurious weddings. It has everything that Russian soul needs - a platform for helicopter landing, designated barbecue area and a buffet in the open air, a small hotel, with VIP- rooms.

Castle itself is hedged by high fence, which allows to hide from prying eyes. The complex includes a parking, and spacious fields for placement of tents, the organization lounge- and interactive zones, as well as special places for fireworks and grand fireworks show inside the complex.

The main banquet hall is designed to accommodate 500 people. The room is fully equipped for events of any orientation. There are several farms with the necessary set of lighting equipment; a spacious stage fully prepared for the performance of any artist, ranging from small group to small theatrical troupe; wheelhouse designed for sound and light directors, as well as additional technical facilities that allow to organize any event at a high level. Unique suburban complex Zhavoronki Event Hall with elements of modern and medieval luxury is ideal for dream wedding.

It has not only everything for the celebration at the highest level, but even more:


open-air barbecue area and the organization of the Swedish line,

boutique VIP-hotel of 11 luxurious rooms,

fitness and spa-center.

Inside - a spacious parking, tennis courts and golf, organized lounge- and interactive areas, and in the evening - fireworks show.

The main room will comfortably accommodate up to 500 people. The hall is fully equipped technically: it has everything you need for lighting design of the hall, the scene is fully prepared for any concert or theatrical performances.

The wedding decorators choose the perfect scenery for Murad Osmann and Natalia Zakharova’s wedding and combined it with the breathtaking backdrop that is the castle itself. The couple wanted an event that was uniquely theirs. Historic wedding venue let them bring in a big installation: a five-meter Pegasus, golden flamingo, mirror balls, planets, clouds, "Stairway to Heaven" and "the gateway to paradise". As we know, there's no such thing as too much if you want to compete on Instagram.

One red door was supposed to be the center of attention. “When the guys at the meeting said that the the whole world would see their ceremony, I felt a huge responsibility and I realized that I need to come up with something incredible. I will tell you a secret: this door does exist, I saw it in a palace, I think, in Italy ... Track down the aisle was made out of the clouds. The couple went right across the sky to the half-opened door led to a joint bright future. It was very symbolic”, - said the Wedding decorator, Lidia Simonova.

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