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Ex-wife of Potap flew to Mexico, where he is with Nastya Kamenskih


Once Potap was happy in marriage, but then he met Nastya Kamenskih. Potap and Nastya Kamenskih, vacationing in Mexico, were joined by members of the artist’s former family. According to StarHit, Irina Gorovaya, ex-wife of Potap, arrived at the same resort and brought their common children.

Potap’s marriage to Nastya was accompanied by a scandal: the producer was accused of allegedly deceiving his legal wife for many years, as he had a secret affair with a colleague. Be that as it may, he managed to maintain friendly relations with his ex-wife. For example, Irina works in his company, and is also not at all opposed to her father's communication with children. So far, the producer does not have any joint holiday photos with family.

However, none of the relatives hides Mexican photos in social networks and geolocation data.

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