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Dmitry Peskov’s daughter Liza in Turkey

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The eldest daughter of President's press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Liza, became the "star” in Turkey. Her mother Catherine Peskova published on Instagram picture of Liza on the front page of the local "Akdeniz" newspaper with the caption:

“Fun Family adventures of our company in Antalya were the subject of today's Turkish newspapers”. Dmitry Peskov’s daughter appeared in a bathing suit on the cover of Turkish gazety newspaper.

Liza Peskova in Turkey

Hello from Turkey! We missed! The country is open to the Russians”, - Liza wrote in Russian and Turkish languages. The authors of the newspaper expressed the hope that the Lisa's positive will help to attract a new category of tourists from Russia.

Recall, Elizaveta grew up in a family of diplomats: both her grandfathers - Sergey Peskov, Vladimir Solotsinsky as once her father, Dmitry Peskov, worked abroad. Not surprisingly, she began to learn foreign languages practically from the cradle. In Paris she became a graduate of the prestigious school Ecole des Roches. Heiress of Peskov draws well, and teachers strongly advised her to apply at an art school - Ecole du Louvre. However, Dmitry Peskov dreamed that his daughter returned to Russia and received a classical education at home. Lisa moved to Moscow and entered the Institute of Asian and African countries. However, Lisa missed her mother and brothers, so she soon returned to France.

Liza Peskova with her mother

Dmitry Peskov and Catherine Solotsinskaya married in 1994, when Catherine was 18 years old. She fell in love with her future husband when she was just 14 and he was 23. The couple lived together until 2012, then parted, and Catherine moved to Paris. In August 2015, Dmitry Peskov married Olympic champion Tatiana Navka, the couple has a daughter, Nadezda.

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