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Danila Kozlovsky is resting with Oksana Akinshina in Turkey


For two years now, Danila Kozlovsky and Oksana Akinshina have been sparking affair rumors. At the same time, rumors constantly appear that the couple is breaking up. Fans are confused, what happens in the personal lives of the actors?

However, the fans of the couple is not so much. After all, Oksana Akinshina is considered a homemaker. The daughters of Danila Kozlovsky and Olga Zueva were only a year old when they announced the breakup. Then the fans of the 37-year-old director suspected him of having an affair with Akinshina. Danila and Oksana emphasized that there was only a working relationship between them - then both worked on the film "Chernobyl". However, the Network noted that supposedly the lovers already live together. True, recently they again began to discuss the topic of their separation.


The other day, a StarHit reader assured that the star couple was all right and sent a video in which she captured Kozlovsky and Akinshina. Now celebrities spend time in Turkey. "Old city. A lot of people. At first she saw Akinshina, wanted to take a picture with her, she sharply refused. And Kozlovsky just turned around and said: "I'm sorry, we're on vacation." I apologized and everything. Then we left, Akinshina followed her with her eyes, - the tourist shares with the editors. They stood together like a couple. Of course, everyone knows they're dating."

The artists are in no hurry to make an official statement about the novel, but it is difficult for the blonde to hide her admiration for her boyfriend when communicating with reporters. “No one devotes as much time to working with artists as Danila Kozlovsky. It is very rare when the film set breathes like one organism, plows one hundred percent, regardless of status or position. On the set of Chernobyl, we all became a family, existed on the same common energy for a long period of time. These are memories that are difficult to quickly forget and experience.

And the heroine turned out to be directly mine, I understood her well. It is almost impossible for the artist to completely get used to the hero; it happens by the third season or the sequel of the movie that you suddenly completely get into the type of thinking of your character. And then I felt the character already at the script stage, ”the actress recently noted. Photo: Legion-Media


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