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Adrian Brody forced Russian bride Lara Lieto Flying economy class


Despite the impressive fees of the Oscar-winning groom, Lara Lieto has to travel without much comfort

After enjoying a moment of fame on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, the petite Russian bride of 43-year-old Hollywood actor Adrian Brody returned to Moscow alone. From France, the beauty flew, squeezing into the cramped seat of the economy class cabin. Despite the impressive fees of the Oscar-winning boyfriend, Larisa Tyaka, known to the world as Lara Lieto, among other passengers, goes through grueling procedures at the airport and waits for boarding in a long line of passengers. The welcome guest of the AmfAR charity dinner and anniversary party, Naomi Campbell, who was treated to the creations of the world's best chefs, is not embarrassed by the modest menu for economy class passengers. The Russian model ate meat with a garnish from thermoboxes on both cheeks.

In order not to attract undue attention to herself after brilliant appearances at social events of the Cote d'Azur, arm in arm with her famous lover, the Russian beauty pulled her cap over her forehead and put on dark glasses. Arriving in the capital, the girl, along with other passengers, waited for the luggage to be unloaded, after which she went to her native Butovo.


At Nice airport, Adrienne Brody's chosen one patiently waited for the start of boarding in the common waiting room

It is worth noting that Adrian Brody's sweetheart did not come from a poor family. Despite the fact that the girl lived on the outskirts, the apartment of the Tyaka family is located in an elite residential complex. Moreover, the model's mother is the sister of the Ossetian billionaire Igor Kesaev. Traveling with the actor around the world, Lara does not forget about her career: the girl regularly takes part in advertising campaigns for European brands.


When the famous actor is not around, Lara has to forget about a comfortable life and luxury for a while. The cost of a flight in economy class from Nice, from where the bride of a highly paid Hollywood actor flew in, costs an average of 400 euros. You will have to pay the same amount for a ticket in the same direction to the business class salon.

By the way, Lara is not the first Russian girl who, being the chosen one of a wealthy foreigner, is forced to huddle in the narrow armchairs of the main salon. A few months ago, Victoria Bonya, the concubine of a Monegasque businessman, was seen in the queue for the SUPER economy class toilet . The TV presenter regularly saves on flights, traveling without Alex Smerfit. Victoria's only time to experience the true comfort of a private jet is during family travels with her daughter's father.







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