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9-year-old son of Charlize Theron in a long dress walked along the coast in Greece (photo)


Charlize Theron, actress Photo: Getty Images | Charlize Theron

The famous adoptive mother does not prevent Jackson from expressing his self and calls him a daughter. Oscar-winning Hollywood actress Charlize Theron, 45, is vacationing in Greece with her two adopted children, Jackson, 9, and August, 5, according to Page Six. 

The celebrity spends her holidays on the island of Paros, swimming in the Aegean Sea and riding a yacht. The actress even posted a video in which she jumps from a ship into the water with her children. 

However, the attention of other vacationers is attracted not only by Sharon, but also by her children, especially the eldest child. The fact is that Jackson has long positioned himself as a girl, and his mother treats this favorably, calling him her second daughter. This, according to her, was exactly what he asked her for several years.


Charlize Theron with Jackson and August

Jackson dresses in accordance with his gender representation: wears "girl" swimsuits, dresses, skirts and sundresses. So, the paparazzi noticed him next to his mother and sister in a long white and blue sundress with slits. At the same time, he had thin pigtails braided into a ponytail, and pink varnish on his nails. By the way, this is Jackson's favorite color, so many things from his wardrobe have this shade.


Charlize Theron, children, Greece Charlize Theron with daughter Augusta and son Jackson Photo: Screenshot

Jackson is not the only "star" child who at this age considers himself a member of the opposite sex, and parents encourage this. Everyone knows that the 15-year-old daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt , Shiloh, believed from childhood that she was a boy , and has even begun to prepare for a sex change operation. However, at some point, the girl changed her mind about becoming a boy. Now more and more often she is seen in skirts and with regrown hair.

Charlize has been vacationing in Greece for over a week and even celebrated her birthday there in 80s prom style . The star once admitted to friends that she never made it to her high school prom, so they decided to fill that gap by throwing a "nostalgic" party for her.

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