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Where do Andrei Danilko, Tina Karol and other celebs live and how much do they earn



Instagram / Maria Sharapova

Singer Olya Polyakova owns two apartments at once on Institutskaya Street in Kiev, the name of Andrei Danilko (Verka Serduchka) is mentioned in documents at once for 4 neighboring apartments on Khreshchatyk, and Tina Karol owns a mansion outside the city and a Khrushchevka in an inexpensive area of ​​the capital. 

Olya Polyakova: two apartments opposite the NBU

Polyakova is one of the most popular singers in the country. During last year's tough quarantine, she began to develop Instagram and, as she herself admitted, received a new advertising offer. Her producer said in an interview that the artist's earnings per year can reach $ 1.3 million.

Polyakova's concert can cost about 30-50 thousand dollars. For example, as OBOZREVATEL found out, the Culture Department of the Konstantinovsky City Council paid her 933 thousand UAH at the end of last year for her performance at the City Day. This is the equivalent of 35 thousand dollars.

The singer, as stated in the real estate register, has two apartments on Institutskaya Street, 16 (the building opposite the National Bank). The market value of such real estate can go up to 700-800 thousand dollars, depending on the area.

Interestingly, the age of the artist, which she indicated when registering an individual entrepreneur, differs from the number indicated in her biography on the official website and on Wikipedia. The singer is probably hiding her real date of birth. The singer also has a country house, which, apparently, is registered in her husband's name. The market value, depending on the area, can range from 1 to 2.5 million dollars.



Olga Freimut: a house in Podol

The TV presenter, after a series of transitions from channel to channel, remained officially unemployed. In the register there is a mention of a charitable foundation named after her, which she also heads.

At one time, Freimut was the highest paid presenter on the "New Channel". As employees of "Novy" tell OBOZREVATEL, the company even paid a mortgage for it so that at a certain moment it would not switch to "pluses", but this did not deter the journalist.

As we found out from the register of real estate rights, Olga has her own square meters in the house at 5 Spaska Street (Podol, Kiev). Apartments in this building are sold at prices ranging from 250-300 to 500-600 thousand dollars.




Tina Karol: from Khrushchevka to a mansion

Two real estate objects have been designed for the singer and the face of the 1 1 channel An artist of her level can ask from 15 to 30 thousand dollars for a performance, while the annual earnings, taking into account advertising contacts, can exceed a million dollars.

According to the registry data, Tina owns an apartment in a house on Chistyakovskaya Street, 13-a in Kiev.


This is an ordinary four-story Khrushchevka building. The singer probably lived here even before she became famous. Now the singer lives in the village of Zazimye on Lesnaya Street (Kiev region). From the side of the road, the house looks unremarkable, but when viewed from the yard it is a modern three-story building.


You can become a neighbor of Tina Karol for 250-500 thousand dollars. This is the price of already built houses in the area.

Vlad Yama: 2.5 thousand for a master class

A short master class by Vlad Yama at a corporate party will cost 2.5 thousand dollars, his manager Igor told OBOZREVATEL. In addition to the fact that Yama is a jury member on television shows and has a promoted page on Instagram, he also allegedly personally teaches dance in several private schools.

In total, Yama can earn more than $ 10,000 a month. His manager says that, for example, next month is almost all free - because of the coronavirus pandemic, the dancer does not have a "busy" schedule. The choreographer lives in a country house near Kiev with his wife Liliana and son Leon.



Andrey Danilko: four apartments in the most luxurious house in the capital

Danilko often says in his interviews that living in a house with a star on Khreshchatyk was his dream, which he was able to realize. True, according to the real estate registry, the artist overfulfilled his plan: he has four apartments at once at 25 Khreshchatyk. which ends with the digit "1" is written directly to it. The total cost of this property could be $ 1.5 million.



Andrey Danilko has been working for over 17 years, while for a long time he has been one of the most expensive artists. His fee, as he himself admitted in an interview, in his best years reached $ 260 thousand per concert. The vast majority of Ukrainian artists began their careers living in Khrushchev's rented apartments. And before earning money on mansions, I had to go a long way.■



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