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The luxurious mansion of the Russian hockey player Pavel Datsyuk in the USA. He paid $10 million for a lake-facing five-bedroom castle


Pavel Datsyuk is a living legend of Russian hockey. At the same time, the forward spent most of his career in the United States, playing for Detroit. He devoted 15 years of his life to the Red Wings and the National Hockey League, with a break of one and a half seasons, when he returned to Russia during the lockout - first to Dynamo Moscow, and then to CSKA.

In the early 10s, Datsyuk acquired a luxurious mansion in the United States. The castle in the town of Bloomfield was designed by the architect Alexander Bogarts. The construction of the house cost the hockey player $ 10 million.



The house was built in the style of the Tudor era - you can go to the Middle Ages already at the sight of such an entrance group. Outside, the two-story castle is finished with limestone.



Inside the house, you can see a combination of completely different materials: glass, white marble, granite, porcelain stoneware, lacquered wood.



And also the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov "Heroes", which does not really match with the rest of the interior.



You can relax and unwind in such a room with a chic fireplace and three TVs.



The castle is ready to receive a large number of guests - it has six bathrooms and five bedrooms.





In addition, the house is equipped with access to the lake. According to realtors, there are a lot of fish in it.



Special attention is given to the "panic room", in which the owners can, if necessary, take cover from the attack of robbers. It is also a small personal hall of fame of Datsyuk: his jersey, sweaters of star partners and clippings from magazines are hung here.





In 2015, Datsyuk put his castle up for sale. Initially, he wanted to get $ 5.8 million for it, then they lowered the price to $ 4.5 million. It is not known whether there were buyers for the luxurious house of the hockey Wizard.


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