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Room-tour of the dream house: Polina Gagarina showed off the interiors of her luxury mansion


After returning from the sunny coast of the Maldives, Polina Gagarina decided to please her fans and arranged a long-awaited tour of her home. The star walked along the first floor of the country mansion, which she moved to at the end of last year, and showed the result of an expensive repair. Let's say right away: her living room could easily be converted into a museum!


Polina Gagarina

Polina began her room tour of her dream home from the entrance hall, from which she moved on to an impressive dressing room for outerwear and shoes. Next, the singer showed the living room area, in which one of the most remarkable interior items was a huge hanging chandelier.

“It was a very difficult choice. We searched and could not understand what could be that fills the space and that it is not crystal. They were looking for something incredible, sprawling. And when we saw her, I immediately knew that it was her. Look, this is a real work of art. Great , ”Gagarina admired in her video.



The luxurious and unusual design solutions did not end there. Polina demonstrated a fully mirrored fireplace, which very effectively divides the space in the living room.

“It arose for a reason, ” the star explained. - There are two supporting structures that could not be bypassed in any way. And so our wonderful designer came up with such an unusual move. The fireplace is active, here is firewood, you can kindle it and place an armchair around it. It will be such a chilla place. It also expands the space incredibly, such a fantasy.”

The performer also captured the kitchen area, which was divided into two parts. One is working, with a refrigerator, stove and racks for food storage. And the second one is more comfortable, with an island for meals and family gatherings.



“And the last thing: my fantastic silk carpet, from which I am simply thrilled. At different angles, it casts in different colors. Delicious, pleasant, and I just adore him , ”summed up Gagarina. She did not show the second floor of her luxurious residence. Perhaps saved for later. Polina Gagarina Polina Gagarina Photo and video: Polina Gagarina's Instagram

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