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Real estate and savings: according to the contract, Polina Gagarina will not give anything to her husband, who earned 100 times less


Scandalous division of property in one of the highest paid singers in the country is not planned

Polina Gagarina with her husband Dmitry Iskhakov in 2018.Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Polina Gagarina, 33, made a financial breakthrough last season. Among the pop stars, she has become the most popular among the largest advertisers, having received tempting contracts with diverse brands (products, cosmetics). Gagarina sang in the reserves, gave solo performances, sat on the jury of "Voices" ... In general, she was snapped up - it looks like Polina is at the peak of her career. And right now her marriage is crumbling.

Interestingly, Polina Gagarina's problems with her beloved man began in parallel with her close friend Ekaterina Varnava. A star named Katya, after six years of relationship, left her common-law husband, and now the star Polina is thinking about divorce after six years of marriage with her daughter's father. Both stars are much more successful and richer than their gentlemen. But Gagarina, unlike her friend, is officially married. And everything acquired together, as you know, is supposed to be divided. What will one of the country's highest-paid singers share with her husband Dmitry Iskhakov in a divorce?

Apartment and cozy house

Gagarina met Iskhakov during a photo shoot - Dmitry is one of the most fashionable and sought-after photographers. The couple signed six years ago at the Kutuzovsky registry office - they did not arrange magnificent celebrations. But, they say, they have fixed agreements: everything that a spouse has and acquires remains only her property.

Before the wedding, Polina bought an apartment in the center of Moscow: in the Mayakovskaya metro area with an area of ​​137 square meters with huge panoramic windows and a view of the Kremlin. “My mother was the initiator of the purchase. She kept repeating: "Polina, stop living on a rented room!" And I waved it off: I'll think about it later. But my mother did save up money by adding up my fees! " - told the story of the purchase of Gagarin's first real estate. The singer was finishing repairs in her new building in the status of a wife. Gagarina moved into her mansion with her husband Dmitry and son from her first marriage, Andrei Kislov. Now the boy is 12 years old, and he became friends with his mother's second husband - Iskhakov quickly found a common language and hobbies with Andrey. In addition, Polina had a country house before the official marriage. And last year, she began construction of a more spacious home for an enlarged family, where 2-year-old Miya Iskhakova is growing up. They say - a copy of dad.


Polina Gagarina and secular photographer Dmitry Iskhakov in 2014. Photo by ITAR-TASS

Gagarina is an artist in demand, so her mother and husband helped her with household chores. Polina said that mother Katya bears the greatest responsibility for raising children: “Andryusha, for example, is afraid of her the most. He even says: "Mom is God, Katya is the Generalissimo, and Dima is a friend!" This is our distribution of roles ”. It was. And now everything has changed. Mom can! Polina smoothed out the financial imbalance in the relationship as best she could. In interviews, "our apartment", "our rest" often flashed. And recently other motives have sounded. Talking about her vacation in the Maldives, the star mentioned her contribution to the trip: "I am grateful to my profession, work and the occasion that I have the opportunity to show my family such beautiful places." According to the latest rating of the wealthy Russian celebrities Forbes, Polina Gagarina earned $ 5.3 million (377 million rubles) in a year. According to experts, only one of her advertising contracts can cost from $ 200 thousand (14 million rubles), and “ zakaznik "- 3.5 million rubles. A fashion photographer, even a very popular one, can shoot 300 - 400 thousand rubles a month. Iskhakov receives orders for filming not only from artists, but also from various large organizations. According to very tentative estimates, a photographer gets 100 times less in a month than one of the most popular stars in the country.


According to the latest rating of wealthy Russian celebrities Forbes, Polina Gagarina earned $ 5.3 million in a year. Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

But in the last couple of years, Dmitry has also become a part of Polina Gagarina's team - he has participated in organizing shows and projects with his wife's participation. True, Iskhakov has now left the post of general director of the company, which organizes the concert activities of Polina Gagarina. He also lost the location of his wife. However, an official divorce did not happen - even a small chance of reconciliation, but still always remains. After all, a couple with a child breaks up - and Dmitry adores his only daughter.

The close circle of the couple knows that Dmitry blew dust particles from his wife: silently and patiently accepted and understood her fatigue, busyness, change in the mood of a creative personality. And Polina did not deny that her husband cooks better and smoothes out the "shoals" in the relationship. “Our relationship with Dima is largely based on his great sense of humor. I can make trouble, I am irritated, and he is able to defuse, smooth the situation in time. In general, he is a witty person, with healthy self-irony, ”Gagarina did not hide.

According by the singer's surrounding, the initiative for parting came from the singer. However, the reasons for the breakup are unknown. Neither spouse has another personal life - a relationship on the side. Most of the couple's acquaintances believe that initially unequal financial and career opportunities drove a wedge into the relationship between Polina and Dima. Just a couple of months ago, Gagarina talked about unequal earnings in the family: “This is obvious, understandable, and this is normal. He lives with it, he knew from the very beginning that I was a singer. Artists get this much for their profession, if they are in demand, if they are relevant. And photographers get that much. And by the way, it's very good ... "Polina tried to emphasize that her husband earns for household needs:" He pays for the whole life, and I am responsible for big events. " It seems that Polina will complete the "bigger event" for the construction of a new country house alone, with the support of her mother. In addition, in April the artist registered "Gagaravent" - an event-company for organizing PR-events, trainings, seminars.

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