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Irina Shayk showed her luxurious apartment in New York, in which she lives with her daughter


$ 1.7 million apartments located in Manhattan

Irina Shayk during a live broadcast on Instagram showed her luxurious apartment in New York. The model self-isolated in it with her mother and her three-year-old daughter Lea. Apartments are located in the prestigious West Village area in downtown New York, in Manhattan. The real estate in the same area is owned by Hollywood actors Hugh Jackman, Julianne Moore, supermodel Carly Kloss. Irina's apartments are located in an elite house - this is a two-level apartment in which there is everything necessary for a comfortable life: two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, a boudoir, a huge dressing room. It offers views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Irina's Apartments are located in a luxury home in Manhattan. Photo: EAST NEWS

Irina bought the apartment in 2010 for $ 1.7 million - then she met with the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Then Shayk met Bradley Cooper and decided to move to him in Los Angeles. Then the model put up apartments for sale for $ 2.5 million. But either the deal fell through, or those who did not want to buy real estate were not found, but the apartment remained behind her.

Later, Irina bought another apartment in New York, also in Manhattan - already for $ 6.5 million, covering an area of ​​185 square meters. The model said that she was renting new apartments for 20 thousand dollars a month.

The two-level apartment has everything you need for a comfortable life. Photo: EAST NEWS

According to rumors, Bradley Cooper was against moving Irina with her daughter from Los Angeles to New York. But then he reconciled and released the ex-girlfriend. Bradley is in the city of the Big Apple on short visits - he is often seen walking with his daughter.

During a live broadcast, Irina said that she had given her daughter Lea to a Russian school. - She is attending a Russian school, and there they seriously approached the training. Do three lessons of 30 minutes online. Very good teachers, a lot of homework, everything went to the Internet. We began to walk a little less, but we are training, ”said Shayk.

The interior is designed in white colors. Photo: EAST NEWS

But the model does not say anything about her personal life. But tabloids and paparazzi do it for her. Photographers caught a 34-year-old fashion model for a walk with 33-year-old New York art dealer Vito Schnabel. The couple walked through the streets of the city, and then went to Vito’s apartment. Then they were seen together several times, and between them it was clearly not just friendly relations.

The apartment has two bathrooms. Photo: EAST NEWS

It is not known for certain how serious feelings erupted between the Russian model and the owner of the New York gallery. But Schnabel has long had a reputation as one of the main Hollywood womanizer. Vito became famous for comforting many famous beauties after their high-profile divorces. The art dealer met with model Elle Macpherson when she broke up with her millionaire husband, and with actress Demi Moore when she led the divorce proceedings with Ashton Kutcher. Then he dated supermodel Heidi Klum for three years - a beautiful German woman had just divorced singer Seal.

Irina showed herself at home. The last hobby of Schnabel was actress Amber Heard, who had just parted with her husband Johnny Depp and rejected billionaire Ilon Mask. Vito and Amber appeared together in public, exchanging kisses and gentle hugs.

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