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"Hid the property not to share": Pelageya’s husband sold an apartment behind her and gave the car to his mistress

"Hid the property so as not to share": Pelageya’s husband sold an apartment behind her and gave the car to his mistress.

The divorce process of the star is surrounded by scandalous details. Singer Pelageya, whose second divorce, as well as the first - with Comedy Woman director Dmitry Efimovich, promised to pass without noise and dust, this time was in the midst of a scandalous trial. The actress filed a lawsuit to recover alimony from Ivan Telegin, counting on a quarter of the hockey player’s income - this is 800 thousand rubles a month. And the athlete, in turn, rolled out a counterclaim about the division of property. Telegin claims half the country house for 54 million rubles, which is now in a mortgage, and apartments in the capital worth 85 million.

Meanwhile, according to representatives of the singer, the hockey player has nothing to do with the Moscow apartments, where Pelageya now lives with her three-year-old daughter Taisia: her mother and producer Svetlana Khanova bought the housing for the artist. But his property, acquired in marriage and subject to division, Ivan in time successfully hid.

“During the marriage, the family got an apartment in the center of Moscow worth 30 million, designed by Telegin,” said the assistant lawyer Pelageya, who asked to remain incognito. - Ivan sold it profitably, Pelageya offered to direct this money to repay the mortgage. But the husband decided otherwise. The funds have disappeared.

In addition, when leaving, the millionaire athlete did not hesitate to pick up the luxurious Bentley for 16 million. At one time, to buy a car, Pelageya was forced to sell her Mercedes and add personal funds. Now, Telegin’s mistress, Maria Gonchar, drives the Bentley.

“After studying all the available documents, there is reason to believe that most of the family property was deliberately hidden by Telegin from the partition,” StarHit quotes the assistant attorney. - We, in turn, prepared a counterclaim to establish the truth.

The next hearing will be held tomorrow, July 9. However, to the end of the process, apparently, it is still very far away.


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