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Anastasia Reshetova boasted a penthouse covered with hundreds of roses




The 25-year-old model posted photos and videos of lush bouquets throughout the house.

Anastasia Reshetova shared stylish shots from the interior of the house. The model boasted a penthouse covered with hundreds of roses.

Recently, the star celebrated the 25th anniversary, which she spent in Moscow with her family. After the celebration, there were many lush bouquets of flowers that she placed throughout the space. The followers especially remembered a ball of pale pink flowers, in which there are at least 100 buds. Ratmir, the son of Anastasia and Timati, crawled among the roses with pleasure and examined the bouquets with curiosity.

Recall that in the penthouse that Timati left the model and his son after parting, there are many interesting decor items. There was a place in the apartment for a whole collection of rare toys. True, their cost is much higher than usual for children and starts from 10 thousand euros. Timati had to fight for Japanese figurines made of plastic more than once: some of them are produced in limited edition, and only appear on sale at auctions. The art fever isn't limited to a few dozen collectible bears. There are many curious luxury items to be seen in the bedroom, kitchen and hallways of the rapper's house.


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