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Alena Shishkova explained why she lives in a rented apartment


Alena Shishkova explained why she lives in a rented apartment. Timati's ex-lover, model Alena Shishkova, showed off several pictures from her spacious rented apartment, where she lives with her daughter Alice and a nanny.

Last year, Shishkova bought luxury real estate three minutes from Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow. The cost of a two-room apartment in this area without finishing starts from 10 million rubles. On her Instagram page, the model has already shown a well-equipped yard with a park and even a couple of ponds. However, the house itself is still under construction, so ex-lover Timati is forced to rent housing.

The other day, talking in Stories with her fans, Shishkova admitted that she was already looking forward to being able to equip her own housing. At the time of construction, the model found a spacious rented apartment. She lives with her daughter from Timati , Alice and the child's nanny. According to Shishkova, there is enough space for everyone - everyone has not only their own bedroom, but also a bathroom.


Alena Shishkova explained why she lives in a rented apartment

The mother of hip-hop artist Simona Yunusova helps raise Shishkova's daughter. Alice often spends the weekend with her star father and enjoys playing with her younger brother Ratmir, born from Anastasia Reshetova. Shishkova herself has repeatedly noted that they have a very strange family, if you look from the outside, but that's how life turned out.

Timati, after breaking up with Reshetova, went to the Bachelor show to find a new lady of the heart. Ekaterina Safarova became the winner of the project. Apparently, the couple's relationship is developing rapidly. The rapper even went out with a new darling, appearing arm in arm at the Muz-TV awards.

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