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What connected the hockey player Malkin with the daughter of the legendary Larionov? The girl was noticed in the American house of the star


There have always been many rumors around the personal life of Evgeni Malkin. In recent years, talk about affairs and potential lovers of the Pittsburgh star has subsided for a completely understandable reason - in 2016, Gino married the famous TV presenter Anna Kasterova. Now the couple is raising their son Nikita and gives no reason to doubt that they are truly happy in marriage. However, Malkin was far from always in a quiet oasis of family life: we already wrote about his relationship with model Oksana Kondakova, an affair with Univer star Maria Kozhevnikova, and a mysterious story with two-time European long jump champion Daria Klishina.

When the three-time Stanley Cup winner was single, any close contact he had with  girl turned into rumors that he had found a new love. Such attention is understandable: Malkin from an early age was one of the most promising players in the country, and over time he entered the elite of world hockey. Such successful athletes always arouse public interest. But sometimes this increased attention gives rise to rumors that have nothing to do with reality.

Screenshot_-_2022-07-11T225221.929.png In 2006, Evgeny, having a valid contract with Metallurg Magnitogorsk, fled Russia and went to conquer the NHL . It's no secret that Malkin's adaptation to a new life was extremely difficult: he came to Pittsburgh without knowing English and at first faced big problems in everyday life. Fortunately, next to one of the best center forwards in the world at that moment was the Penguins defender Sergey Gonchar , who at first played the role of a father for the Urals: it was with him that Evgeny lived for 2 years, until he finally settled down in America and bought himself a house. Gonchar helped his teammate in everything - he acted as an interpreter, gave valuable advice based on his experience of living in the USA and provided Malkin with all kinds of support.

“My son said many times: if it were not for Gonchar, it is not known whether he would have remained in the NHL or not. Maybe he would have returned , ”said Vladimir Malkin, the striker’s father.


Contrary to popular belief, Potter was far from the only person who helped Gino get used to life in a completely new environment. A huge role in the adaptation of the Pittsburgh leader was played by the daughter of the great forward of CSKA and the USSR national team, and now the head coach of the Nizhny Novgorod Torpedo, Igor Larionov. In those years, Alena Larionova worked as a PR agent in Pittsburgh and, of course, was familiar with our hero. Realizing that Evgeny had big problems with English, Alena decided to offer her help and became his tutor. At the same time, Malkin often turned to Larionova not only on issues related to English: Alena advised him in which store it was better to buy a classic suit, which outfit was more suitable for an official reception, and once she even baked him a pie - as you might guess, For people uninitiated in these details, which were all the Pittsburgh fans, the relationship between Malkin and Larionova looked like a romantic one. After Gino bought the house, Alena often came to him for English classes, but ordinary observers were sure of the love subtext of these meetings. Rumors spread with great speed, and after a while they even flew to Russia. Only the lazy did not say that Eugene was dating the daughter of the famous Soviet hockey player. But in reality, everything turned out to be far from the case. “Alena really visited my house. Helped in learning English. She has lived in America since childhood, speaks English fluently, even sings in it, and is very beautiful. She used to want to be a singer. We are just friends , ”Malkin said.



Gino was lucky that at a difficult moment there were kind and sympathetic people next to him, ready to help him in everything. Who knows how the career of a great striker would have developed if Sergey Gonchar and Igor Larionov's daughter weren't around? Fortunately, we will never know the answer to this question.

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