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The most beautiful Female Athletes in Russia (Top-6)


The pride of the nation and the favorite of glossy magazines around the world at different times.

Anna Kournikova, tennis


The youngest participant in the Olympic Games in the history of Russia (at the time of her debut at the 1996 Olympics, Anna was only 15 years old), the blue-eyed blonde became a real star after appearing in Atlanta. The girl converted attention to her person into hard cash: despite the fact that there were few high-profile titles in her sports career, she moved to the United States, successfully integrated into the social life of the country and received many contracts with sports brands. The marriage to Enrique Iglesias became the icing on the cake for her story of "Russian Cinderella", adored by American journalists.

Alina Kabaeva, rhythmic gymnastics


The most famous Russian gymnast, who appeared on the cover of the gloss and to whom famous performers have dedicated songs, is not just a beauty, but an absolute phenomenon in the world of sports. Just look at the list of her awards: 2004 Olympic champion in individual all-around, bronze medalist of the 2000 Olympic Games in individual all-around, two-time absolute world champion (1999 and 2003), five-time absolute European champion (1998-2000, 2002, 2004), six-time absolute champion of Russia (1999-2001, 2004, 2006-2007).

Today Alina Kabaeva is a public and political figure and the most closed star of the country.

Alexandra Soldatova, rhythmic gymnastics


It was Alexandra who was called today "the new Alina Kabaeva". In September 2018, she won the gold medal at the World Championships in Sofia in ribbon exercises, after which the entire Western press drew attention to the appearance of the Russian athlete. Today in the world of sports there is no girl whose beauty would be so praised by journalists all over the world.

Margarita Mamun, rhythmic gymnastics


The brunette Mamun is called the "Bengal Tigress": the Olympic champion (2016) and seven-time world champion in rhythmic gymnastics is today the favorite of many brands precisely because of her bright appearance and charisma. By the way, "Bengali" is not a comparison: Margarita is half Russian, half Bengal.

Alena Alekhina, snowboard


One of the most beautiful blondes in Russian sports, Alena Alyokhina won the European Cup in the halfpipe discipline in 2011 and 2012 and was a member of the Russian national snowboard team. Several years ago Alena received a serious spinal cord injury, but did not lose heart and continues to inspire girls.

Daria Klishina, long jump


Daria Klishina made a splash in 2011 when she became the European champion in long jump - a tall, leggy blonde was called the new sex symbol of athletics. In 2013, she repeated the success, and the athlete's personal record (jump at the championship in Paris by 7 meters 5 centimeters) is considered a serious strong-willed victory. In 2016, Daria became the only Russian athlete admitted to the Rio Olympics.

Photo source: Instagram

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