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The beautiful bride of the CSKA hockey player Vladislav Kamenev: who is she?


Another irresistible pair of KHL.

For many years, Vladislav Kamenev was considered a great talent who could not realize his potential. He was never able to gain a foothold in the NHL, having spent several years in the Colorado system. A season and a half in SKA cannot be called successful either. And only after the exchange with CSKA did the striker's career go up. Last season, he won the Gagarin Cup, playing great in the playoffs. The 25-year-old hockey player did not immediately renew his contract with the army club, hoping to find options in the NHL. However, a few days before the start of the training camp, he nevertheless signed a two-year agreement with the Moscow team. And then he took another important step in his life - he proposed to his girlfriend.

Vladislav offered to marry his beloved romantically - on a boat at night during drawbridges in St. Petersburg. She said yes.




The bride of Kamenev is Tata Sopchuk (that's her name on social networks). Young people began to upload the first joint photos a year and a half ago. The girl wrote that they started dating in April 2021, when Vladislav did not let her go to the casting of the show "The Bachelor".


@sopchuk_father @sopchuk_father Tate is 24 years old, she is from Vladivostok, now she lives in Moscow with Vladislav.


@sopchuk_father @sopchuk_father The girl admitted that before meeting her future husband, she was not fond of hockey, and was at matches only 2-3 times. Young people met on the Internet - Kamenev was the first to write to her. @sopchuk_father @sopchuk_father The girl told subscribers that she is not working now, but is doing household chores. On the Internet, she shares recipes for delicious dishes, tells what cosmetics she uses and shows her fashionable looks. @sopchuk_father @sopchuk_father Now Tata does not miss a single hockey match of CSKA. She supported the young man in Magnitogorsk at the final seventh game.


“I have told you this more than once, but I will repeat as many times that you are my hero. Every time I wrote with bated breath after the game and asked if you were injured, every time it was hard for me to watch when something hurts, every time I tried to find the right words after defeats and give you strength for new victories, every time you proved how strong you are and that nothing can stop you, you did not give up. and now these hands lift up the well-deserved cup. I'm proud of you! Your parents raised a champion!” — she wrote after winning the Gagarin Cup.

The new season will start soon in the KHL . And Kamenev and CSKA will want to defend the title.




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