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Pelageya filed for divorce from Telegin because of Maria Gonchar. Who is she - the new companion of the CSKA hockey player


She's just beautiful.

On the eve it became known that the singer Pelageya filed for divorce from CSKA hockey player Ivan Telegin. It became known about their parting at the end of 2019, when the couple announced that they had not been together for a long time. After the official separation, Ivan began to appear in public with his new companion.

We are talking about Maria Gonchar - the girl who captured the heart of the Olympic champion. Maria has a travel agency. According to rumors, it was thanks to this that Gonchar met the family of Telegin and Pelagia - she helped to find the perfect place to stay. The girl herself is very fond of traveling.



Her photographs from the Maldives are simply mesmerizing. Telegin's fans could not help but notice that his new beloved is a real beauty - the girl has a good figure and luxurious blond hair.


Information appeared in the press that it was Maria who insisted that the public learn about the parting of Telegin and Pelagia. The girl is tired of hiding her relationship from everyone. Nevertheless, Ivan and his ex-wife managed to maintain friendly relations - the couple together celebrated the birthday of Taisia's daughter. But Telegin already met his birthday with a new girlfriend, now Maria is the main woman in his life.




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