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Pasta and love for pizza: how Ovechkin eats and trains


Alexander Ovechkin. Photo by Global Look Press Ovechkin's dinner. Photo social networks 

We tell how Washington forward Alexander Ovechkin eats and trains.

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  • What does Ovechkin eat?
  • Ovechkin workout

What does Ovechkin eat?

Most people know how important it is for professional athletes to eat right . Many of them admit that a balanced diet helps to avoid injuries and lengthen a sports career. Increasingly, nutritionists appear in professional teams to help choose nutrition depending on the goal of the athlete. But it seems that the legendary hockey player Alexander Ovechkin does not care about proper nutrition.

Former Capitals defenseman Brooks Orpik told how Alexander ate a large carbohydrate meal before every home game. Brooks himself called this meal "impressive", and indeed, it is difficult to disagree with this.


Ovechkin's dinner. Photo social networks Ovechkin's dinner. Photo social networks

“Ovi always orders the same thing - Mama Lucia. This dish includes noodles with chicken, bread and cheese,” said Orpik.

The Italian restaurant where Ovechkin orders his pregame dinner even has a special dish, Ovi's Special. The set includes a large portion of pasta served with four different sauces, a basket of bread, a salad and a large cheese pizza.

Restaurant manager David Kotler told NBC about the hockey player's favorite dish: “I don't think the number of calories in this dish can fit on our menu pages. Thanks to this dinner, probably, the energy that Ovechkin spends on the ice appears. Perhaps a man is what he eats. I think Ovechkin is Mamma Lucia's Parmesan chicken and we're very proud of that."

Brooks also noted that the forward at about 11 a.m., long before anyone thought about dinner, went into the dining room yelling: “Mother Lucia!” Alexander Ovechkin and Anastasia Shubskaya. Dresses for one and a half million and crying guests. Ovechkin's wedding is one of the most expensive in Russia

Somehow after the match, journalists asked Alexander how he eats, to which the forward replied: “You know, I have a special diet. I won't tell you what she is."

If Ovechkin refused to answer this question, then his teammate Lars Eller said that he prefers to take a hockey player on board a plane: “Every time we get on a plane, before that, Alexander takes a foot-long spicy Italian sandwich in Subway.” Such a dish includes pepperoni, salami, cheese and approximately 1200 calories.

The hockey player himself has repeatedly admitted that he is a big fan of pizza, chips and crackers.

The Washington Capitals striker's love for pizza is so great that the American company Papa John's even signed a contract with him. And for a while in the US, you could order a two-pizza Ovechkin's Wish set.

The Americans reacted with surprise to the post of Alexander's wife, Anastasia Ovechkina, when she posted the hockey player's pre-match meal.

"Even though it was early in the morning, the Russian car still ate the pre-match spaghetti before the Caps vs. Rangers game at 12:30," according to the RMNB website. Ovechkin eats pasta. Photo social networks Ovechkin eats pasta. Photo social networks


But this amount of carbohydrates does not spoil Ovechkin's shape. This is because hockey is an energy-intensive sport. The number of calories that a hockey player eats with pasta cannot be compared with the energy that Alexander spends in a match.

Sports doctor Harri Hakkarainen noted that Ovechkin needs 4,000-6,000 calories a day. This is about twice as much as the average person needs. But do not forget that Alexander spends a lot of energy in training and games.

Ovechkin workout

A few years ago, personal trainer Dmitry Kapitonov, with whom Alexander worked every summer, talked about the main exercises that help the Russian hockey player to constantly keep himself in excellent shape. There are seven exercises in total:


Before the main work in the gym, the forward performs cardio work to prepare the body for further stress. It usually takes 10-20 minutes to warm up on a bike.

Bridge ( side plank )

Exercise is very important for strengthening the spine and abs , reduces the risk of injury.

Dumbbell press on the ball

Alexander does work on the ball, not on the bench, which allows you to work on balance and work out small muscles.


Stepping on the pedestal Typically, the forward performs an exercise with dumbbells of 16 kg. The quadriceps muscles of the front and back of the thigh are involved in the work.

Throwing a ball on a hemisphere Exercise helps improve balance. Alexander performs it with a ball that weighs 8 kg.


In an interview with Man`s Jornal, Ovechkin talked about how he trains and how important fitness levels are to stay healthy throughout the NHL season. Alexander and Anastasia Ovechkina. Mansion for $ 4 million and two children: how Ovechkin and Shubskaya live

“You have to be in great shape. During the summer I train, but during the season I try to train with my instructor Nemis. He works with me all the time and knows my body, ”Man`s Jornal quotes Ovechkin.

Alexander said that he loves to run very much, also in Russia he works out in the gym with a personal trainer.

“Without training, I am nothing. If I don't train, I'm done. Any athlete should train and train to win matches, ”Ovechkin said in an interview with Man`s Jornal.

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