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Kasterova spoke about the difficulties in relations with Malkin


The wife of Pittsburgh striker Yevgeny Malkin Anna Kasterova told the details of her relationship with her husband. According to the girl, it was not so easy for her.

“To be honest, at the very beginning of my relationship with Yevgeny, I simply did not understand how serious all this was for both of us and how it would affect my lifestyle ,” Kasterova said in an interview with RT . - But the process of establishing everyday life took place very smoothly.

Did you have to sacrifice something? Of course. With us, if dad sleeps during the day, then we all sleep with him. If the day of the game, the whole daily routine is somehow adjusted to Evgeny. But it was difficult at first. Until the age of 16, I grew up as an only child in the family, I'm used to the fact that everyone concentrates on me and my interests. "

Recall that Kasterova and Malkin have been dating since 2014. They got married in 2016.

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