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Ex-footballer of "Spartak" about the shooting of his wife in Playboy


Alexei Rebko, a former footballer of the Moscow "Spartak", spoke about the reaction of his friends to the fact that the athlete's wife, before meeting him, starred in Playboy magazine.

According to the ex-footballer, at first he was worried about his wife's photo session, but, having gotten to know her better, he stopped.

“When they found out that this was my girlfriend, no one was joking. At first I was driven a little bit, then I got to know her a little better and realized that all this is bullshit - you shouldn't worry about this,” he told Sport24.

Rebko also canceled that he and his wife now have an excellent relationship.

“Now sometimes I tease her:“ Playboy is not the same. ”We have a great relationship, and with humor - everything is in order,” he added.

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