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Alana Mamaeva explained why Russian footballers often cheat on their wives



The marriage of Pavel and Alana Mamaevs has gone through a lot - the imprisonment of a football player, gossip, intrigue, showdown, betrayal ... But the model could not forgive the next affair of her beloved spouse. In March, it became known that during the training camp, the athlete had an affair with a Spanish actress. Alana tried to mercilessly deal with the home wrecker: she even posted her documents to the public. As a result, the girl still recognized her husband as guilty in this story and divorced him.

Surprisingly, now Mamaeva finds an explanation for such an ugly act of Pavel. According to the model, football players are prone to cheating. All this is due to their strict regime. Since childhood, these boys are brought up in boarding schools, not knowing rest and giving all their time to sports. But when you live on such a schedule, you still need a vacation. Therefore, when the players grow up, they begin to look for an outlet in partying and infidelity. In addition, Russian athletes are often brought up in poor conditions, and having started to earn money, they cannot cope with the collapsed wealth and popularity, so they do not remain faithful to their spouses.

Alana's followers were amazed at such reflections. It is noteworthy that Pavel has already been seen in many betrayals, but the latter situation, apparently, was the last straw for his patient lover. ■



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