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Hotel Maison Moschino in Milan

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The stunning interiors created by fashion designers allow their originality and vision to evolve from catwalk to everyday life. When hotels are blessed with the iconic aesthetics of a design house, we are given an insight into the overarching ideals of some of the world’s most acclaimed style visionaries. For fashion followers, they present an opportunity to more closely avail oneself of a designer’s vision. What better way to immerse yourself in the mind-set of Karl Lagerfeld than to visit a hotel whose refurbishment he orchestrated? Lagerfeld became involved with the Alma Schlosshotel in Berlin because the project gave him an opportunity to spread his artistic influence.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph upon completion of the renovation, Lagerfeld admitted ‘I am taking part in this project… because I love the idea of having a suite in Berlin that is totally furnished to my personal taste.’ The hotels’ encapsulation of their creators is what gives them such an impressive, striking beauty. An inspiring hotel, The g, in Galway, Ireland, is a vibrant reflection of its designer, legendary milliner, hatter extraordinaire and Galway-native Philip Treacy. Treacy’s hotel is frivolous, ostentatious and original – in short, possessing all the qualities that define the designer’s legendary headwear. The prowess of a clothes and accessories designer translates wonderfully well to the domain of interiors.

At Maison Moschino in Milan the fashion house’s presence is felt definitively at every corner. Furniture is bedecked in Moschino dresses and, with uniquely adorned fairy-tale styled rooms such as ‘The Petal Room’ and ‘Red Riding Hood’, there’s a fantastical, whimsically romantic atmosphere in the air. Maison Moschino is truly an encapsulation of what the ‘house’ of Moschino should look like, which is why the brand’s creative director, Rossella Jardini, has said of it: ‘When I enter, I feel as if I’m at home’. However, not all fashion designers’ forays into interior design are so obvious in their fashion allegiance. Often rooms become outstanding, breath-taking spectacles that are free of any blatant ties to a designer’s collections. Maison Martin Margeila’s L’Ile aux Oiseaux, a suite at luxury French countryside retreat Les Sources de Caudalie, is an elegant, minimalist avant-garde triumph. Featuring a colour palette of muted greys and white, with rustic wooden furniture, the effect is expressively tranquil, not least owing to its situation within a treehouselike abode in the grounds. The inclusion of an alluring lips-shaped, post-box red sofa is the only nod to the catwalk grandeur of the fashion world where this idea was born.


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