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Yagudin had a fight with gay skater Rippon over transgender people. The conflict began with the tweet of the author of "Harry Potter"


Yagudin had a fight with gay skater Rippon over transgender people. The conflict began with the tweet of the author of "Harry Potter" Medvedeva stood up for the American. When there is no competition in figure skating, periodically something flashes up against a relatively non-informational background. The authors of the main scandal of the beginning of the summer were Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin and the US champion and bronze medalist of the 2018 Games in the team Adam Rippon. We talk about all stages of the conflict, if for some reason you missed it.

1. Rippon did not like the tweet from Harry Potter's author.

The famous writer Joan Rowling, because of a joke on Twitter, has incurred the wrath of users of social networks. The author of "Harry Potter" commented on an article entitled "How to make the post-coronavirus world better for people who have menstruation." The writer ridiculed this wording and suggested how such people can be called and jokingly suggested several options based on the English word woman (woman) - Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud ?.

Twitter users accused Rowling of hating transsexuals, because they can also have menstruation, but they are not women.

J.K. Rowling ✔ @jk_rowling ‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud? Opinion: Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate people-who-menstruate-97312 # .XtwLnv0aEeR.twitter ... Opinion: Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate What implications does COVID-19 have on the global menstrual health and hygiene agenda? WASH and health experts explain. 82.7K 12:35 AM - Jun 7, 2020 Twitter Ads info and privacy 43.3K people are talking about this Adam Rippon is an open gay. And he was among those who attacked Rowling.

“I donated $ 1,000 to the Okra project because the life of transgender people matters, the life of black transgender people matters too. Joan Rowling went to the ass with her stupid opinion and the same comments, ”wrote Rippon. Adam Rippon ✔ @AdamRippon I just donated $ 1000 to the Okra Project because trans people matter, black trans people matter, and fuck JK Rowling’s backward ass opinion and her busted fucking tweets. The Okra Project 2,811 6:24 AM - Jun 7, 2020 Twitter Ads info and privacy 377 people are talking about this

2. “When will you die” by Yagudin

Alexey Yagudin read news about the actions of Rippon and was indignant on instagram. Olympic champion posted a post and story.

“Well, what can I say? Awful, disgusting, tired! I do not mind, but without our participation! There is a coronavirus and there is you, but it is one and the same! ” - wrote Yagudin, but then deleted this message.

The skate0r's message lasted much longer. Although there were no less harsh words. “, Adam! When will you die? Earth Error! ” - wrote Yagudin.

3. Apologies to Yagudin

The next day, the Russian skater apologized to an American colleague and explained the harsh words that he had said the day before.

"Hello everyone. Yesterday a very stupid post was made on my instagram, which makes me extremely uncomfortable, ”the Olympic champion began.

“I read the news that a well-known American skater donated $ 1,000 to a fund for helping black transgender people. The news itself is, you see, a bit strange, and on emotions I allowed myself very harsh statements. Naturally, I do not wish anyone death and apologize for my words. Errors really need to be recognized. Naturally, I didn’t wish anything bad to anyone yesterday either, especially death. I’m probably just angry with the situation, but the situation is this: I live in this world, my daughters grow in this world, where funds are created to help black transgender people.

What is this all about? In the world a huge number of orphans, sick children, retirees in need. And what is a fund for helping black transgender people in general? What does skin color have to do with it? And what kind of help are we talking about if they themselves chose this path? I am not against neither gays, nor trance, nor lesbians, and so on. Among my friends and acquaintances there are a huge number of people with non-traditional sexual orientation. I do not mind, but I am against propaganda. It seems to me that the public does not need information about who is sleeping with whom. This information is not needed by my daughters.

Everything that I just said, of course, does not justify my deed yesterday, I am a public person and I must follow what I say and post on social networks. I apologize again for yesterday’s harsh words. I wish you all love, health. Take care of your children, ”said Yagudin.

4. Rippon did not accept the apology and made a donation in honor of Yagudin

Rippon responded with a capacious message on Twitter, where he made it clear that he was not enthusiastic about the actions of the Olympic champion.

“There are many homophobes, transphobes and racists in sports. And I I do not intend to tolerate them. It doesn't matter how much they are respected. If they are full of hatred, then they suck.

Yagudin apologized, but I do not accept this. He can take his apology, homophobia, transphobia, racist comments and his Olympic gold medal and put them in his ass, ”Rippon tweeted. Adam also made another donation of one thousand dollars. This time - in honor of Yagudin. In the comments of Rippon, many famous skaters supported: Mariah Bell, Caitlin Weaver, Kiira Korpi, Alexa Knerim. Eugene Medvedev did not pass by.

"Great answer! I’m taking an example from you regarding how to respond to a hate, ”wrote Zhenya under Adam’s post and unsubscribed from Yagudin’s page. Rippon is not the first American skater to get from Yagudin. At the beginning of last season, Alexei during the Grand Prix stage criticized another US champion Jason Brown. Yagudin did not like the absence of quadruples in the American programs, as well as his high components, due to which he occupied high places. After the stage in Japan, Alexey thanked Sergey Voronov for the fact that his “beloved” Brown did not make it to the Grand Prix finals.

Fans did not like this behavior, and they even created a petition demanding to remove Yagudin from work as a commentator. However, she did not bring any result.

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