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The truth about the gay past of Buzova’s lover has been revealed


David Manukyan turned out to be homosexual.

The romance between Olga Buzova and David Manukyan was called ostentatious from the very beginning, claiming that the blogger was simply playing the role of the lover of the host of “House-2”. But now a version has emerged that Dava cannot date the singer because he is gay.

They say that Buzova’s mother found out the truth about the blogger’s gayness. Internet users of the forum claim that Irina Alexandrovna found it strange that the blogger epilates her legs and often dresses in women's clothing. Allegedly, even in the bedroom the couple switch roles.

As a result, the concerned parent conducted her own investigation and found out that before meeting Buzova, Manukyan had dated men. It turned out that one of the blogger’s lovers was Anton Bogoslavsky, but even before he became Olga’s PR manager. However, it was thanks to “Anton Bo” that Dava became friends with the singer.

Allegedly, the young people, who remained friends, decided to cash in on the gullible artist in this way. It’s no secret that after the host of “House-2” declassified her novel, Manukyan’s number of subscribers increased sharply and he began to charge fabulous fees for advertising on the social network.

The last person with whom Dava is said to have been in a relationship is a well-known gay man - Alex Malinovsky . This guy with an impressive manhood managed to seduce almost the entire domestic show business - first Nikolai Baskov, then Sergei Lazarev, and then had fun with Manukyan for several months. But the blogger stopped everything, deciding to screw Buzova.

Meanwhile, everyone around the singer is against her connection with Dava. Olya’s mother and sister categorically forbade the presenter to marry Manukyan, writes

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