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Renata Litvinova showed the undisguised beauty of Zemfira (PHOTO)

One of the most refined personalities of the Russian cinema Renata Litvinova shared with the fans an intimate photo of her friend Zemfira. The picture was taken at night, the star in the frame is not completely dressed and covers the upper body with hands.  

Zemfira and Renata Litvinova  

It's no secret that the actress Renata Litvinova and the singer Zemfira are old friends. Here and now there was an occasion once again to discuss their tender relationship. This night, Renata shared on Instagram photo, in which the performer is seen smoking and covering the upper body with her hands. The actress posted the picture with the caption: "Portrait Z".  


Many subscribers of Renata do not hide that they are following her account only because of Zemfira, and the photos of the singer get more likes than the pictures of Litvinova herself.

"Uh, I'm probably crazy, but I'm jealous Zemfira to her," the fan signed one of the pictures.

It is rumored that due to an unusual friendship with Zemfira, Renata left her second husband. Litvinova gave birth to a daughter from a businessman Leonid Dubrovsky, but after a three-year union marriage broke up. They say that Leonid couldn't get past numerous rumors about his wife's affair with the singer. And now they assure us at all that the girlfriends live together. As the gossip continues to heat up around Renata Litvinova and rumored love interest Zenfra, the very same actress says: "I love her so much. Zemfira is really close to me. She is the inspiration that I need. This is called the deity of talent".


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