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Henry Cavill has commented on the rumors about his homosexuality


Henry Cavill's appearance is so consistent with pop culture iconography of masculinity that the choice of an actor to play the very first superhero seems obvious. However, neither the dimple on the strong-willed chin, nor the hump on the slightly upturned nose saved Cavill from gossip about his homosexuality. What exactly caused these rumors is not entirely clear. But, most likely, the boring personal life of the actor, whose novels have never shaken the information space with a shot of scandalous details, played a certain role. Probably another argument in favor of the theory of homosexuality was Henry's outward resemblance to openly gay Matt Bomer.. But the controversy about the orientation of the actor reached its peak after the release of the TV series The Witcher, in which especially attentive viewers saw the inhuman strength of attraction and chemistry between Cavill and the performer of the role of Buttercup Joey Baty .

Tired of watching from the outside how a virtual crowd of strangers writes his alternative biography, Cavill decided to dot the i's. Only now the clarification of the situation performed by a native of the Channel Islands turned out to be very ornate and expansive stuffy. But he could just write: "Guys, leave me alone, I'm not gay." “


Dear fans and subscribers, I wanted to make a small public statement. I couldn't help noticing some social dislike that was rapidly building up in my feed. To date, a large amount of, shall we say, speculation has accumulated about my personal life and professional relationships. And now, while I appreciate the passion and support of the very people who are "speculating," it has all reached a point where I'm forced to respond in some way, which is bad in itself. We live in an age of social enlightenment. More and more people are realizing that their views may have been limited and that they need to expand those views to include others. So I appeal to those who express their disdain and show dissatisfaction in the most amazing ways - it's time for you to stop. I know it's good to gossip and speculate while diving into my personal echo chambers on the internet, but your "passion" is misplaced and hurts the people I care about the most. Even your most modest negative assumptions about my personal and professional life are simply not true. Let's welcome this era of social enlightenment together and move forward with a positive attitude. I am very happy in love and in life. I would be very grateful if you shared this happiness with me. If you can’t call yourself this in any way, then at least just try to be proud of yourself and be the best versions of yourself , ”-Henry wrote on his Instagram .


Cavill, 38, is currently dating Natalie Viscuso, vice president of Legendary Entertainment. Legendary is one of the companies that released the Man of Steel and Enola Holmes films starring Cavill. By the way, back in 2012, Cavill met with Gina Carano . And the warriors of social justice, enraged by Carano's statements , reminded the actor of this moss-covered romance, offering to "cancel" Henry for such a reckless past. Fortunately, no one took this painful nonsense seriously. 

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