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Ex-boyfriend of Dima Bilan booed Sergey Lazarev at a concert in Moscow gay club

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"Bilan is better!" - shouted actor Ivan Nikolaev during a performance of Sergey Lazarev. 

33-year-old singer Sergey Lazarev entertained visitors at night gay club Boyz. By the way, not only the ordinary fans among the LGBT community, but also popular personalities could be seen at the artist's concert that night. One of the most active spectators of Lazarev was 33-year-old actor Ivan Nikolaev, known for his participation in the once popular "The Club" series, - Super tabloid reports. 

Tickets for the show that night were free for Nikolaev, as well as for all young guys who came to the club. But for girls ticket costs 4000 rubles, according to the conditions of the club. By the way, Sergey Lazarev prefers to remain silent about his performances in gay clubs, not mentioning them on his official website.

​​When Lazarev went on stage, he received a standing ovation from Nikolaev and his friend - the tall blond, whom Nikolaev held gently the whole evening.. Soon, however, Nikolaev got a little buzzed and looked at singing of Sergey with a more critical eye.

- Dima Bilan is still better! - Suddenly started shouting Nikolaev.

Probably, Ivan was influenced by his friendship with Dima Bilan. It is known that Ivan and Dima had a long and enduring friendship in the past..

- Bilan is better! - Nikolaev would keep chouting if it weren't his friend who took focus from Lazarev.

Meanwhile, the actor denies any rumors about his homosexuality and that he was a frequenter of gay clubs. - That's not true, I do not go to gay clubs! - Ivan says. - I do not even know where they are. This is complete insanity.



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