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What wedding ring Alexander Gilkes ​​gave Maria Sharapova: cost and other details



Instagram / Maria Sharapova

Maria's enviable fiancé made custom-made jewelry.

In mid-December, tennis player Maria Sharapova announced that she was marrying a friend of Princes Harry and William, one of England's most eligible suitors, founder of the Paddle8 auction house, Alexander Gilkes. And this, as expected, made a real sensation in the world and especially in the Russian media. Maria, of course, showed off her photograph with a wedding ring - the size of the stone, to be sure, is impressive! And today the Daily Mail spoke about it in more detail.



With such an origin and income, Alexander Gilkes ​​could not give a "simple" wedding ring - even with a large diamond and from a super-famous brand. Like many famous men, he wanted to give his bride something special, so he turned to the jewelers of the Jessica McCormack brand for help, and they made a custom piece for him. According to an insider of the publication, the customized ring cost Alexander 400 thousand dollars. It is handcrafted from 18k rose gold and oxidized silver, with a five-carat emerald cut diamond.


As a reminder, Alex Gilkes is the co-founder and president of the Paddle8 auction house, which specializes in fine arts and collectibles. He also serves on the board of the New York Academy of Arts. In addition to blue eyes, a charming smile, love of art and the ability to massage feet perfectly, Alexander Gilks ​​has other advantages. For example, connections.

After studying at the University of Bristol, where he also took Russian lessons, Gilkes entered Eton College. Here the young man made friends with Princes William and Harry, and also had a short romance with Kate Middleton's sister Pippa. But he ended up marrying designer Misha Nonoo - the one who, according to rumors, introduced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Alexander and Misha had been together for 13 years, their marriage lasted from 2012 to 2016. Gilkes was upset by the breakup and in an interview admitted that Nonoo was his "first and only love at the moment", but he believes that he will be able to "love someone again." Obviously he succeeded.



The romance of the athlete and one of the most eligible suitors in England became known in January 2018, when the couple was caught at the Los Angeles airport. And in the summer they were captured together during a vacation in Italy, where the couple no longer hid their feelings for each other.


In January 2019, Alexander, not being afraid of the fierce Russian frosts, visited St. Petersburg with Maria. Together they actively spent their leisure time, visiting museums and theaters and walking through the snow-covered city. ■




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