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Russian Jewelry: "War and Peace" collection by Axenoff Jewellery

war and peace bbc axenoff jewellery

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Each piece created by esthete Petr Axenoff looks like decorative art and applies to the Russian cultural heritage. His artfully painted pieces of jewelry are inspired by Russian folklore.

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Axenoff likes to present the glamour of the Romanov Russia and the folkloric charm of Russian fairy tales. Inspired by the past, the designer made the most striking jewelry pieces in a fantastical collection fit for Queen.

Petr Axenoff is a young, but very interesting designer, considered in the international world of jewelry as the guardian and the legislator of the Russian heritage. Each of his work is example of absolute luxury in the style «à la russe». After all, Petr is one of the Russian masters who is able to enchant the audience with magnificent works, reminiscent of the brilliant pages of the history of Russia.

anna pavlova brooch axenoff jewellery


Designer finds his inspiration in his childhood experiences and hobbies. Historical heritage of Russia, reflected in the books, as well as its architectural monuments of the royal divinity, such as the Catherine Palace and Winter Palace, are inspirational for Axenoff. Originally from an old Russian aristocratic family, surrounded from birth by various historically rich precious objects - material embodiment of family secrets, Petr Axenoff perpetuates metaphorical aura. Perfectionist, investigator and devoted citizen of mother and majestic Russia, Petr Axenoff created his own brand Axenoff Jewellery at the age of 35. The first collection of the artist had a great success. Since then public can enjoy and buy a piece of art with the spirit of Russian elegance and nobility.

war and peace bbc

Tuppence Middleton as Helene Kuragina wearing AXENOFF JEWELLERY tiara in WAR & PEACE series, BBC 2016

Magic collection called «War and peace» puts on a pedestal the Russian monarchy, combining breathable modern and magnificent classical style. The strongest symbols of Russia, such as Russian nesting doll  (Matryoshka), samovars, the two-headed eagle and a full image of Russia itself create unique rhythm of works. Collection «War and peace» was presented in a BBC six-part adaptation of War and Peace by the Russian author Leo Tolstoy. Working in collaboration with the most prestigious cast, the author showed his mark in the art of jewelry and has successfully established himself on the world market.

Tuppence Middleton as Helene Kuragina wearing AXENOFF JEWELLERY earrings modelled as a Romanov double headed eagle

Luxury earrings with two-headed eagles are a clear symbol of the Russian monarchy. The artist aims to enrich heraldic items with unique style. Axenoff used coat of arms of the Russian Empire which was abolished with the Russian Revolution in 1917 in earrings for Helene Kuragina and created an intriguing look – part grandiose, part provocative. Earrings shaped like two-headed eagles added depth to the tales of Russia.

Earrings with royal details like crowns brought a decadent prettiness to Natacha Rostova.

The 19-centyry style cameo tiaras and earrings has been given a contemporary twist.

war and peace exenoff jewellery

Gillian Anderson as Anna Pavlovna wearing AXENOFF JEWELLERY tiara, earrings and brooch in WAR & PEACE series, BBC 2016

Silver Jewelry, painted with graceful lines reveal the subtle and complex nature of the decorator.


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