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Tiara Ball of Petr Axenoff at the hotel "Astoria"

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Presentation of the new Axenoff jewllery collection "Princess Anastasia" dedicated to the youngest daughter of Emperor Nicholas II was held in the format of the Ball

November 24, all secular Moscow moved to the northern capital. The occasion was the presentation of a new line of jewelry brand Axenoff called Princess Anastasia - in honor of the youngest daughter of Emperor Nicholas II Grand Duchess Anastasia. For one night St. Petersburg hotel "Astoria" has transferred its guests in the beginning of the last century on a real royal ball: the walls of halls decorated with portraits of members of the Romanov Royal Family, written by the artist Tatiana Rivillis specifically for Tiara Ball, and decorators Yuliya Nguen and Oksana Babayev recreated the royal box with a huge canopy and gilded porcelain eagles.

Snezhana Georgieva

Snezhana Georgieva

Anna Ivchenko

Anna Ivchenko

The main element of ballroom dress code was a tiara or kokoshnik Axenoff. Host of the evening Petr Axenoff appeared  in Circassian - a copy of the one that once wore the last Russian tsar.  Student of the third course MGAHI Anastasia Thompson performed the role of the Muse of the collection - Anastasia Romanova.

The evening began with a waltz from the ballet "Swan Lake" performed by a symphony orchestra. By the end of the dance theatrical performance took place: the lights went out, and  Grigory Rasputin came to the throne, and then the whole imperial family entered the room. In the dance-fight Rasputin fought with Princess Anastasia, but in the end he was banished.

Guests Tiara Ball in St. Petersburg (photo 4)
Guests Tiara Ball in St. Petersburg (photo 5)

Guests of Tiara Ball also were excited to see the gypsy ensemble and dinner in the Russian tradition of a special dessert Amber Room in the form of a precious jewellery box, which came up with Petr Axenoff.

Tiara Ball was visited by Snezhana Georgieva Oxana Bondarenko, Daria Lisichenko Anna Ivchenko, and many others.


Victoria Shelyagova and Petr Aksenov
Sati Casanova and Stefano Tiocco
Anton and Victoria Borisevich
Julia Vizgalina


Anastasia ThompsonAnastasia Thompson

Gypsy choir sang. Women in white dresses and men in the Circassian (as in the famous scene from the movie "My Sweet and Tender Beast") sang songs. Tables laden with caviar and sturgeon, a dessert Amber Room in the form of a precious jewellery box presented by Petr himself. The guests made selfie with a stuffed bear and literally bathed in the symbols of power: if the Russian soul had a ball, it will not stop.  

Yulia Matvienko, Olga Tsypkina Konstantin Andrikopulos, Shorena DzhinaliYulia Matvienko, Olga Tsypkina Konstantin Andrikopulos, Shorena DzhinaliSnezhana GeorgievaSnezhana Georgieva
Shohreh JinShorena Dzhinali
sati CasanovaAnna MakarovaAnna IvchenkoJulia VizgalinaNatalia LuchaninovaCharles Thompson and his daughters Natalia and Anna
Shorena Dzhinali, Anna Ivchenko Oksana MaximovaVictoria and Oleg ShelyagovyAnton and Victoria Borisevich
Julia Vizgalina Catherine ZemtsovaOxana Bondarenko and Snezhana GeorgievaJulia Vizgalina, Victoria Borisevich Oksana MaximovaSvetlana ZakharovaVictoria Borisevich and Daria LisichenkoElla Persson and Daria LisichenkoOlga and Charles Thompson, Stefano Tiotstso and Sati CasanovaOlga Thompson and his son Alexander and his daughters Anna and NataliaSvetlana Zakharova and Petr AksenovSvetlana Zakharova and Petr Aksenov
Shorena Dzhinali, Catherine Zemtsova Yulia MatvienkoAlexander Shmargunenko and Petr AksenovOlga ThompsonShorena Dzhinali, Catherine Zemtsova Yulia Matvienko
Victoria Shelyagova Alla Werber, Vadim GalaganovVictoria Shelyagova, Alla Werber, Vadim Galaganov
Oksana Bondarenko and Petr AksenovVladislav Smekalova Elena Trushina, Shorena Dzhinali, Yulia MatvienkoOksana MaximovaSati Casanova and her husband Stefano TiotstsoAlla Werber and Petr AksenovYulia Matvienko, Petr AksenovVadim Galaganov and Snezhana GeorgievaOxana BondarenkoVictoria Borisevich Oksana Bondarenko Daria LysychenkoStanislav and Darya LisichenkoAnna Ivchenko Oksana MaximovaElena and Vladislav Trushina SmekalovaAlla WerberSati Casanova and her husband Stefano TiotstsoMarpessa HenningVadim HalahanovTiara Ball Petra Aksenova at the hotel "Astoria"Axenoff's BallPetr Aksenov and Victoria Shelyagova
Anastasia ThompsonAnastasia Thompson
Tiara Ball Petra Aksenova at the hotel "Astoria"Axenoff's Ball
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