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The oligarch's wife Ksenia Tsaritsina Shamed & Attacked On Instagram For sharing a photo with a 70-carat stone

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The young wife of the Russian oligarch Alexei Shapovalov became famous all over the world thanks to her "instragram". 27-year-old Ksenia Tsaritsina shared a photo of the gift she was presented by her husband-ring with a 70 carat diamond, the value of which exceeds nine million dollars.

Such a generous gift was presented to the five-year anniversary of marriage. The 27-year-old model immediately showerd off a ring with a 70 carat stone to her subscribers. Later, she added: the husband considered that a 30-carat decoration would not be enough, so he bought this ring.

Just a few days before, she had boasted of another gift from her husband-a ring with a heart-shaped stone. Ksenia outscored even her Elizabeth Taylor, a well-known jewelry lover and owner of the 30-carat ring.

The girl boasts of a luxurious way of life without a twinge of conscience: she continually posts photos from the best resorts of the world, poses near expensive cars and demonstrates her luxurious wardrobe.

Of course, such photos have led to a general jealosy. Many criticize Ksenia for being an obvious product of plastic surgeons and there is practically nothing natural in her. "Do modern men like this?" - ask users. Others think such gems too big, that "even wearing is probably inconvenient." A huge number of comments are devoted to the fact that Ksenia's hands contrast with the beautiful stone. 

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