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The "Bachelor" winner Katerina Safarova showed off a watch presented to her by Timati worth more than 4 million



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The star noted that her lover has excellent taste, so he made the right choice with the choice of jewelry.

At the end of May it became known that Ekaterina Safarova became the winner of the 8th season of the show "The Bachelor". Timati presented the chosen one with a ring, the cost of which exceeded 22 million rubles. Since then, the lovers have already appeared together on the red carpet of the MUZ-TV 20 During the event, the performer even confessed his love to his girlfriend.

Today, in a new interview, Ekaterina Safarova spoke about her relationship with Timati after the project, and also appeared in the studio in a watch, which costs more than 4 million rubles. The star admitted that the rapper gave her jewelry for the New Year. It is interesting that at that time the finale of "The Bachelor" had not been filmed yet.

“Timur gave it all to me. Both watches and bracelets. I like. I chose it myself and got to the point. For example, with a watch. I love such a larger, men's watch. I think they look more stylish on a girl. He gave it for the New Year. There is also an engraving here. It says: "There are no roses without thorns." He invented everything himself, and there is also the date of our acquaintance. The girls have not seen this watch, "Safarova admitted in the Fametime.TV show.


A shot from the show Fametime.TV

Safarova also told how it happened that she and Timur celebrated the New Year together. As it turned out, the rapper wrote to his beloved after the chimes and offered to spend time together. Interestingly, then the former bachelor did not congratulate the other participants in the show.

“We celebrated the New Year together. He was with his family at 12 o'clock, and then he called me and asked where I was. I was also at home with my family. Somehow I had no plans. He wrote to me: "What are you doing?" I say: "Nothing, I'm going to sleep." And he says to me: “Well, let's meet. Send your address, let's meet. " I suspected that he would do so. Before that, I was going to go to the dacha to a friend, she invited friends to her dacha, they made a New Year's party. I thought that Timur was leaving for a concert. And then he asked me: "What are you doing for the New Year?" I said I was going to see a friend. And he was like: “You're not going anywhere! Please don't leave. Stay at home, stay with your parents. " At first I thought, why should I do this? I wanted to go to my girlfriend, why should I stay at home? And my circumstances were such that I thought that I didn’t celebrate the New Year with my grandmother and sister so often, I decided to stay with them. And so Timur called me. "


Ekaterina Safarova and Timati at the MUZ-TV 20 Awards

Recall that the final episode of the eighth season of "The Bachelor" appeared at the end of May.

Timati also dedicated publications to Ekaterina and Alice in his microblog on Instagram, where he explained why he chose Safarova and decided to say goodbye to Alice. According to the rapper, the losing participant throughout the show was a mystery to him, which he could not solve. Timati said that he did not believe in the ideal image that Alice created around herself. However, the musician noted that even if the model was completely sincere, he could not be with her: the absence of flaws would force him to meet high expectations, but at the moment this is not what he would like from a relationship.




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