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Paloma Picasso: "Favorite decorations become a part of ourselves"

The youngest daughter of Pablo Picasso, Paloma and Tiffany & Co. - are an indestructible union. The designer of ornaments told about her childhood, art and her work

Paloma Picasso Let's talk about your family and childhood. Can you tell us about the most vivid memory?

PALOMA PICASSO My parents (the artist Pablo Picasso and the writer Françoise Gilot.) Were unusual people, like all their friends. And they all appreciated the childish spontaneity, the child's ability to rejoice and admire something simple and not see any barriers, even in such a complex field as art.there is a sculpture made of two machines that form into the head of a monkey ("Baboon and Young," Pablo Picasso, 1951.). As the guide told me, the children, unlike their parents, immediately understand what it is, and react with great enthusiasm.

What did you want to become when you were a child?

PP When we were asked this question at school, all the girls answered that they wanted to be Cleopatra, and the boys - Napoleon. And I just wanted to be me. After all, if you are someone else, you will get another person inside yourself. And it only seems that you can take only good qualities from it, as a result you get bad things too.

Paloma Picasso

Can you draw?

PP I work with color, I like watercolor. Once I decided to try to paint with oil paints, and that's what I'll tell you - I never want to do it again!

Can you say that your parents inspired you with what you are doing today?

PP Yes, but more in a philosophical sense. I tried to be very careful in my work so that people did not see in them quotations from the creativity of my parents.

Rings, Paloma's Sugar Stacks, rose gold, pink sapphires, yellow quartz, blue topaz, diamonds, amethyst, Tiffany & Co.

You certainly succeeded! What is the most important lesson you've ever learned?

PP To be humble. When you meet great people, the first thing you see is the lack of pretentiousness. True talent is modest.

Do you have a favorite jewelry from your own collections?

PP They always change. Now it's the bracelets from my last Melody collection. I have five, and I usually combine gold and silver. I like to wear bracelets symmetrically on both hands.

Paloma Picasso as a Child

How did your cooperation with Tiffany & Co. begin?

PP I first got access to colored gems - and for me it was just wonderful. Before that, I worked only with gold in a major Greek company.  There is a huge table with stones in the workshop of Tiffany, and I was told that I can take any! I remember how, in full delight, I put them to my fingers, as if trying on, - so my first rings with two-colored stones were born.

How did you create your own character collection with the letter "X"?

PP In England, where I was sent as a child to learn a language, I lived in a house with a girl of the same age. Once I saw that she wrote a note to her friend, and put the three letters "X" in the signature. She explained to me that this is a kiss. It was amazing - nice and not glorious. And I returned to this memory in Tiffany & Co. After all, when you greet someone, then you kiss the person on the cheek, and the earring in the form of "X" - just such a kiss. Gradually, the collection grew, there were pendants and bracelets, including various stones.

Photo Paloma Picasso with Salvador Dali

With which decoration Tiffany & Co. Would you recommend starting your personal collection?

PP With pendants from the Paloma's Groove collection. It is cute and modern, and it can be supplemented with both the evening and the day image. And many more of these ornaments - in silver, this metal suited to young girls!

What do you think about modern fashion? Does it affect your ideas?

PP Very distantly. Of course, I can not ignore fashion. But the fashion for me is too complicated - as you can see, I dress very simply and I do not go to shows like I used to. I'm sure that the young people who are making discoveries in this field are much more thrilled about fashion than I am. I prefer classical things that I can wear my jewelry because I do not want clothes to outshine jewels.

Photo Paloma with her father

How would you describe your style?

PP It's all about contrast. For example, I started wearing red lipstick. In those days in French restaurants, guests were filmed on Polaroid and offered to buy these photos. Then I noticed that in the pictures my face was white because of the flash, my eyes, hair and eyebrows - blue-black, and lips - red. It reminded me of a sketch, rather than a photograph. This is what I call contrast. And on these cards I felt for the first time I recognized myself, the one I wanted to become. 

What role does jewelry play in the image of a woman?

PP Unique images are created with the help of jewelry. Moreover, we are attached to beloved rings or bracelets, we wear them again and again. After all, they become part of ourselves and can say much more about us than a handbag or a pair of shoes.

Photo Paloma Picasso with Yves Saint Laurent

Can you remember the mystical stories associated with decorations?

PP I have a girlfriend who very subtly feels the energy of things. She admitted that when she put on my pendant, she felt warm and happy, her positive emotions filled her. This is exactly what I try to invest in my collections - love and happiness.

What do you think about contemporary art? Do you have a personal collection?

PP Yes, but it is small. It is very important to have a couple of pieces of contemporary art that you really appreciate. Some collect collections with good intentions and goals, others - because they think that this is an excellent field for investments.

Decoration Pendants, ring, Paloma's Groove, silver, titanium, Paloma's Melody bracelet, rose gold, black spinel, Tiffany & Co.

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