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My talisman: an updated collection Amulette de Cartier

There are several new products to complete your collection Amulette de Cartier. New earrings, bracelet and pendant is now also possible to personalize. This service allows you to choose a specific combination of two stones - the mascots. In fact, it is the creation of personal talisman from Cartier. You can choose the seven stones: onyx, mother of pearl, carnelian, malachite, lapis lazuli, pearl gray, chrysoprase, and the waiting time of personalized jewelry will be only about 8 weeks. 

Amulette de Cartier - a magical collection of precious talismans symbolizing freedom and dream. Contrasting materials are combined with elegant lines of the curved parts, and the soft glow of natural stone emphasizes brilliant shine. Talisman, like a magic castle, can be opened and closed, protecting your desires and accumulating strength to fulfill them.

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