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'My Quiet Luxury': Rihanna wears a diamond ring on her toe


The 35-year-old Barbadian singer found an unexpected way to wear luxurious jewelry. Rihanna showed off a ring worn on her toe.

The pregnant artist does not hide her love for luxury in everything. RiRi loves furs, glitter and rhinestones, while she has a special love for bold experiments with style. Her many "pregnant" images are shocking, but the singer herself clearly does not see anything extravagant in her own style.

The chosen one of rapper A$AP Rocky recorded a video in which she demonstrated a life hack on how to wear even more rings in one look. Rihanna chose a spectacular black heeled sandals, wearing a ring with an impressive diamond on her finger. The singer showed her accessory in all its glory. 

At the end of the video, Rihanna flashed a white skirt, which was perfectly complemented by her milky pedicure. Tattoos on the artist's legs became the last chord of such an unusual ensemble. “Quiet luxury,” RiRi commented flirtatiously. The video went viral on the web.

Fans immediately began to discuss the exit of the star. “Diamonds on the leg are luxury as it is”, “ What did we know about glamor until now?”, “I wonder who dares to repeat it?”, “How to make sure that everyone notices your diamond? If you don't have a video. We are waiting for instructions, ”the bloggers wrote. Rihanna on a date with boyfriend Rihanna on a date with boyfriend Legion media

Rihanna was recently spotted walking with her baby son. The paparazzi managed to take exclusive pictures of the star mom.

Rakim Myers, better known as A$AP Rocky, got into a fight with nightclub goers. The cause of the conflict was Rihanna.

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