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Mother of Dragons: Costume designer of "Game of Thrones" has created a jewelry

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The necklaces Deyneris Targaryen wore, rings and earrings based on the popular TV series.

Of course, fashion - a reflection of the era, it is always full of cultural quotations and archetypes. That is why the appearance of the jewelry based on the "Game of Thrones" series in a wardrobe of a modern girl was very predictable and expected. Jewelry business could not ignore global insanity and costume designer of "Game of Thrones", Michelle Clapton made the first step. With the support of the British jewelry brand Yunus and Eliza Jewellery, she has designed jewelry and invited to recreate the ones that already appeared in the series.

Thus Mey Designs London brand was born. It includes twenty-six sterling silver jewelry, including necklaces, are the same that Deyneris Targaryen wore in the fifth and sixth season. Quieter jewelry, rings, pendants and minimalist earrings, are created for fans of "Game of Thrones", who are not allowed to walk with a huge dragon on the neck.

On 30 June collection will be launched through a specially portal. Prices start at $ 100. If a collection of the brand gets a recognition of the audience, Michelle Clapton promises to recreate the jewelry of the other heroes of the" Game of Thrones" saga. Well, of course, it will be successful.


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