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Maria Pogrebnyak got a ring for three million rubles

Maria Pogrebnyak (designer and wife of famous football player Pavel Pogrebnyak) celebrated her 30th birthday​ at the trendy Match Point restaurantThe singer and model, Maria, despite health problems and the heat, arranged an unforgettable celebration at one of the capital's best restaurants. "I woke up today. I have a temperature of 39.9. I called an ambulance. They say, "You have to stay at home." I say, "No, you have 20 minutes. You have to do anything, so I got up and went today for my birthday ", - admitted to journalists Pogrebnyak. 

The feast was attended by relatives, friends and colleagues, including many celebrities - close friends Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina, husband's colleagues with their families. 

Pogrebnyak told about some of the gifts to followers. So many friends gave Maria the essentials for a girl - expensive cosmetics. Model's husband  footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak gave her money. But the most spectacular gift the birthday girl got from her brother. 

A relative gave her a very expensive ring. Such a ring encrusted with cognac diamonds, worth roughly three million rubles. Birthday girl herself was delighted with such a present. She even shared a photo of an expensive ring on her finger. 

This magnificent gift blonde got from her sibling Photo: Personal archive


"It was very much anticipated gifts. Close friends usually give me makeup. My husband gives me money, and this time was no exception. But my brother has distinguished - gave me a magnificent ring with cognac diamonds "- shared family secrets Maria. Stone is really magnificent

Photo: Personal archive Stone is really gorgeous


She put on a cherished ring on the finger, and showed off to the public. "The stone is really magnificent. And quite heavy (4.5 carats) and clean. - 4.5ct Fancy Light Yellow VS1 Cushion Cut. The price of such decorations on the market - about 3 million rubles. I am sure that Maria's brother loves her. " 


By the way, Maria's older brother is Alexey Shatalov. He is a renowned microbiologist. Not, despite the big age gap - 14 years, they communicate very closely.


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