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«Made For Legends»: Julianne Moore in John Hardy campaign

Oscar-winning actress, winner of two awards "Emmy", two "Golden Globe" awards, a BAFTA Award and two "Awards Screen Actors Guild", Julianne Moore took part in an advertising campaign «Made For Legends» of American jewelry brand John Hardy. 

The actress appeared in the lens of the famous duet Luigi Murenu & Iango Henzi.(Luigi + Iango), symbolizing the ideal character of the founder of the brand John Hardy, able in their way to get away from the traditional neutral advertising message and express the true essence.


«Made For Legends»: Julianne Moore starred for John Hardy campaign

John Hardy invited to create your own legend, using the art of wearing a dramatic, powerful and inspiring, one-of-a-kind pieces handmade by Balinese masters of jewelry shops in Ubud, using unique methods and techniques passed down from generation to generation.


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