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Liza Adamenko's 47 million ring stolen when she was sleeping in the stairwell


The wife of 55-year-old millionaire and former top manager of Lukoil Valentin Ivanov became the target of theft..

19-year-old Liza Adamenko celebrated May holidays with friends. Upon returning home, the girl realized that she had lost the keys to the apartment. Liza was drunk and decided to sleep on the steps at the apartment door. Having woken up, Adamenko realized that a few personal belongings of much higher value were missing. 

The unknown stole a Chanel bag for 8 thousand dollars, a bag for 10 thousand dollars and a 6 carat diamond ring, which cost 47 million rubles.

The businessman's wife called the police, but the stolen items were not recovered. Law enforcement officers arrived the next day, but again found the girl drunk.

Recall, Valentin Ivanov married the model Liza Adamenko in June 2016. According to rumors, the romance between lovers lasted for almost three years - that is, Ivanov began dating a girl, when she was 13 years old.

In February 2017, Liza and her husband were in the middle of a scandal. Valentin blamed the young wife for adultery, and the model reported that Ivanov used to beat her and tore her passport with an American visa up in order to create problems for her with the law. After a while, Adamenko decided to return to her husband and give their relationship a second chance.



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