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Letter jewelry by famous russian jewelry designer “Très Russe”

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Based on letters, the new collection by famous Russian jeweler Très Russe is associated with a word that begins with that sound and reminds us that a spoken word has value.

Writing is something that came along many centuries ago. So first there's speech, and then writing comes along.

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The famous Russian jewelry designer Vera Glazunova decided to look at the letters through the eyes of ancient scribes, who read from each of them not just a symbol of sound, but a deep thought. It is no accident Cyril and Methodius created the Glagolitic alphabet and gave the names to the letters to make the alphabet sound meaningful, to reflect it in an emotional form. The collection of jewelry called "Trèsalfavit" is dedicated to a values of a spoken words. The artist managed to achieve simplicity of forgotten forms and calligraphic precision. Brand “Très Russe” revives traditions of Russian jewelry art of the XVII - beginning of XX century. Their jewelry pieces are made in archaic traditional variant, but it is quite modern.


Like calligraphers who manage to depict meaning with the help of colors and drawings, Vera Glazunova tend to use bright colours and simple forms without expressive and concise lines. Each piece is a genuine sample of traditional hot enamel technology in wonderful combination with inimitable manner of the artist. Letters can be worn separately as independent letters or can be used to draw up a new word.

An alphabet collection by “Très Russe” is a standardized set of drop caps: capital letters — basic written symbols. It reminds us of the large ornamental codices of the early Middle Ages and ancient scriveners, who sat with the pigments and the ink horns. The collection contains pendants, bracelets and rings made of Russian gold 585 and 750, decorated with hot enamel. The customer can choose it’s color and then the Moscow masters Très Russe will manufacture the product by hand.


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