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La Nature de Chaumet

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Enter the glittering prismatic garden of Chaumet

Haute joaillerie imitates nature as Chaumet crafts an exquisite orchard of blooming flora and lush foliage in precious jewels. A garden that flowered from the grand maison's adoration for the natural world since its origins, this enchanting arbor is now given new life with a reinvention of their patrimony pieces. La Nature de Chaumet is the wondrous splendour that expresses the essence of the luxury jeweller and the collection flourishes new blooms in the maison's garden. Chaumet La Nature de Chaumet jewellery collection Beautiful symbolism ties the four themes of bejewelled flora together. The laurel, the ear of wheat, the oak and the lily — classic icons of the gods in mythology — represent the flawless equilibrium between nature and culture, imbued with an emblematic power in its refined naturalism. An eternal spring of inspiration for the maison, La Nature de Chaumet glimpses the past to craft contemporary creations of opulent sophistication by way of archival illustrations dating from circa 1885 to 1938.

An inspirational archive image: Oak leaves tiara, circa 1900-1905

The Le Laurier de Chaumet sings a ballad of romantic femininity, fashioned in the immortal image of the evergreen laurel as an ode to Apollo and the great love story between the deity and his paramour, Daphne. Wreathed in gems of blue and pink among sprays of diamond-set leaves, each piece evokes a luxurious suppleness.

Le Laurier Firmament Apollinien necklace 01 . 03 Le Laurier Firmament Apollinien necklace

Sumptuous shoots of wheat take form in the L'Epi de Blé de Chaumet sub-collection, a symbol of nature's bounty and the cherished golden harvest of yore. An exquisite symmetry of wheat ears inspired by the early creations for empresses Joséphine and Marie-Louise, this depiction of maternal love is reinterpreted in brilliant diamonds christened Offrandes d'été.

L'Epi de Blé Offrandes d'été necklace 01 . 02 L'Epi de Blé Offrandes d'été necklace Le Chêne de Chaumet harnesses the mystical oak, the emblem of the king of gods, Zeus. Stemming from a sacred tree seen as a sign of strength and endurance, the distinct contours of this sprig translate a majestic grandeur to the collection, enhanced by luminous hues of a rosy dawn or the blue of skies. Power and beauty twines in the perfect curves of each oaken creation; an undeniable vibrant and bold femininity.

Le Chêne Racines célestes long necklace 01 . 03 Le Chêne Racines célestes long necklace

Perhaps the most famous motif, the eternal elegance of the lily cannot be further exalted than with the Le Lys de Chaumet. A flower that represented the monarchs of France, this precious bloom has been the raison d'être of Chaumet in their appointment as jewellers to the European kings. Celebrating femininity in all its facets, the lily has been symbolic of purity, passion, grace and strength — a veritable muse that has spurred many an artistic mind. Incarnated into a coronet of vivid petals that mesmerises and emboldens, the maison brings the blooms of their garden full circle — an Olympian Eden crafted with the unique artisanal identity of Chaumet to weave a tale of light, love and endless beauty.

Le Lys Songe de nuit bracelet 


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