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Just in: Dior presents the Lucky Dior rings


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Luxury label Dior has just released a new line of beautiful rings, each symbolising a moment in Christian Dior's childhood. Discover the collection 

Dior has just revealed seven new rings to add to their ever-growing jewellery portfolio. Each symbolising a moment in Christian Dior's childhood: the bee, lily-of-the-valley, clover, rose, star, oval and initials. Each ring is made up of delicate stones and embroideries, and the collection, aptly titled Lucky, is engraved with pale rose quartz to symbolise love, deep black onyx for strength and vitality, green stone and amazonite for confidence, navy blue lapis for wisdom and radiant brown stone for luck. 

Discover Dior's Lucky rings collection now...

Lucky Dior Lucky Dior Lucky Dior Lucky Dior Lucky Dior Lucky Dior

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