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"I know I'm an idiot": tennis player Andy Murray lost his wedding ring, which he tied to his shoes, his wife will be furious



The athlete left the ring after training on the sneaker, but in the morning he found that everything was gone

It became known that the famous tennis player Andy Murray lost his wedding ring. He left him in sneakers that dried and then simply evaporated. The winner of three Grand Slam tournaments spoke about this on his Instagram, where he regularly informs about all the events that occur in his life. The man says that he is now in Indian Wells, and the incident happened there. Andy Murray has a habit of tying the ring to his running shoes during training, and he did this just so as not to lose it.


After one of them, he tried to dry his shoes, but since his room does not have a balcony, he left his sneakers under the car, and, of course, he forgot about the jewelry. In the morning, he saw that there were no shoes, no ring itself.

"Yeah, I know, I'm an idiot. It's clear now that this was a terrible idea. But I need help. What reward should I announce?" - says the message that the tennis player wrote on Instagram.


Since its publication, this story has already gained more than 100 thousand views, and only continues to spread across the network. How his wife reacted to this incident is unknown, however, apparently she is not particularly happy.

A little later it became known that the ring had been found. It's not reported how and where he discovered it, or who returned it,  however, the man is incredibly happy about this fact, and now nothing threatens their marriage. Recall that the athlete is married to Kim Sears, whom he met for more than 10 years. They got married in March 2015, and since then they have had four children. Daughter Sophia Olivia (2016), Edie (2017), son Teddy Barron (2019), and in March of this year, another daughter, whose name was not disclosed.

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