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Gucci announced the launch of sales of jewelery


Previously Jewelry pieces from Alessandro Michele were only available for regular customers


The New York Times published an article about the start of sales of the first Gucci jewelry collection. There is no name yet.

Bracelets, rings, necklaces depict animals - biceps tigers, lions, foxes and snakes. There are 25 jewelry pieces, the prices of which range from $17 900 to $83 500.

According to the source, a ring with lion was presented together with accessories in 2015 -  it was made of metal and decorated with Swarovski crystals. In 2017 it was re-released - made of 18-carat gold, the mane covered with diamonds. Earrings with lions are decorated with opal, aquamarine and pink rhodolites.

Gucci Creative director since 2015 Alessandro Michele told about jewelry launch: "I dressed women in the things that are simply gathering dust in the vintagearchives - they no longer existed. Jewelry were among them. That's fine - bring them to life again and give them meaning. "

Gucci Hub in Milan - it is located in a former aircraft factory - holds jewelry collection in a special room with red velvet walls, a chest and a flower carpet.

New York Times emphasizes that the Gucci line of fine jewelry launched in July 2017, but only selected brand customers couldbuy the jewels - during closed sales in Japan, China and the United States.


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