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Enamel jewelry by famous Russian jewelry designer Ilgiz F.

The exhibition of enamel jewels by Ilgiz Fazulzyanov in the Uspenskaya belfry of the Moscow Kremlin was widely covered in the press, including the European one, thus stimulating interest not only of jewelers, but also of jewelery retailers. The Russian designer has received many offers for the sale of his ornaments in boutiques of Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia. Until recently, rings and pendants with enamel by Ilgiz F. could be purchased only at international auctions and in the jewelry studio of the brand, located in Merzlyakovsky Lane. Customers came here to personally meet the designer, see how the products are created, choose and order things they liked.

Despite the renown that the jewelery workshop acquired as a result of the personal exhibition of Ilgiz in the Kremlin, it is very important for the brand to maintain the level and quality of its work, which does not allow for today to greatly expand production - which is what serial sales require. Every master working with Ilgiz went a long way almost from scratch. 

As for the European jewelry market, the brand Ilgiz F. is currently considering a sale option in multi-brand boutiques in Paris or Monaco. And in the London boutique Annoushka, where Ilgiz's ornaments have been known for a long time, meanwhile they are preparing for the exhibition of his enamel miniatures. And many jewelry products will come there immediately from the Kremlin.

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