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Eager to get Married: Tilly Thomas Lux wedding accessories


Tilly Thomas Lux - British label specializing in the production of wedding accessories. Founded in 2015 by Sally Thomas, Tilly Thomas Lux is a British label which specializes in making wedding accessories. Offering delicate crowns inspired by the stars and lightning bolt, moon and star-shaped pins and combs, this English house has garnered a following for its handmade creations, made with Swarovski crystals, silk tulle, ribbons and leather. The designer even organizes a personalized meeting with each bride-to-be, to create a unique piece that matches the dress and style of each client.

Gentle crown inspired by lightning and celestial bodies, crescent moons and romantic flowers, the moon and the entire galaxy of stars shining Swarovski crystals, ribbons of tulle, silk and leather - a worthy replacement for traditional wedding hair ornaments.

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