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Discover The Chaumet Joséphine Aigrette collection

The Chaumet Joséphine Aigrette collection sparkles with pops of fresh colour

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Chaumet’s Joséphine jewellery collection has been through many a re-interpretation. Now see it in its most colourful incarnation yet

The name Joséphine is synonymous with Chaumet the same way peanut butter goes with jelly. Case in point, its namesake — who was none other than the first empress of 18th century France — inspired some of the maison's most beloved creations. And as the jeweller's perennial muse, she inspires once again with 24 new additions to the Joséphine universe that sees beautiful colour enlivening the collection's imperial aesthetic.

At once familiar yet fresh, the iconic Aigrette diadem silhouette becomes a whole other thing of beauty as Chaumet takes its cues from the empress' wardrobe, translating her love for chiffons and embroidered tulles in various dazzling and delicate shades into precious stones. Amethysts, citrines, peridots, aquamarines, and rhodolite garnets add that pop of vivacity to the collection's classic look, sparkling alongside diamonds and pearls decorating rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. An obvious call to play around with colour and explore the endless ways to mix and match, the reinvention doesn't just play with colour, the metalwork has also been refined, flaunting a new V-shape that highlights Chaumet's exquisite craftsmanship. If it's good enough for an empress, it's certainly fit to bedazzle us non-royals. Chaumet Joseéphine Aigrette collection 2018

Chaumet Joseéphine Aigrette collection 2018

The new Joséphine Aigrette collection is available at Chaumet boutiques.


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