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Citizen Eco-Drive One


Citizen pushes the boundaries of design and technology with the Eco-Drive One, the world’s thinnest light-powered watch

A watch that's practically paper-thin and runs on an innovative core that utilises light as its power source; sounds too theoretical instead of conceivable? Think again because the Citizen Eco-Drive One is exactly the technology that's changing the horology scene, generating its own energy by harnessing renewable natural and converting it to electricity.

Of course, this groundbreaking watch didn't invent itself overnight. Built upon 40 years of research and refinement since Citizen pioneered an analog quartz watch that uses light as a power source, the Eco-Drive One is a completely new and improved design — a flagship model fabricated by the most advanced techniques that houses the world's first light-powered 1.00mm thin movement. Despite being utterly slim, the Eco-Drive One is energy efficient with a fully charged core fuelling the watch for 10 months. An environmentally friendly powerhouse of a watch, this unique movement is encased within a thin but strong cermet frame to ensure long-lasting durability and a beautiful metallic finish. Made with unerring craftsmanship, the 2.98mm thick Eco-Drive One additionally hugs the wrist with an ergonomic comfort. Say hello to the future of watchmaking.

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