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Bulgari unveils its new B.zero1 Labyrinth



Self-expression is the name of the game

If you've already been making a list of New Year's resolutions, put this one up there along with 'not to be an asshole' because if there's another thing you ought to do more of, it's expressing your unique sense of self. Cue Bulgari with the B.zero1 Labyrinth ring to join you in your declaration of individualism — an icon made to celebrate daring, vision and unconventionality.

Once again breaking and re-making jewellery codes, the maison has given the B.zero1 collection a new layer with this addition, taking the spiral design and working a fresh element of optical play into its form where rose gold blends into white gold. Eye-catching and entrancing, you could quite possibly get lost turning the Labyrinth round and round to stare at this meld of metals, hence the name. Additionally referencing the Design Legend edition by Zaha Hadid in its fluid curves, the collection features four permutations: A bold four-band ring, its pavé version, and two edgy pendants. Ever shifting, each piece changes its appearance from angle to angle, gleaming rose gold topside to white gold at the bottom in one instance, and then vice versa when viewed differently. Much like so many facets that make up a personality, no? Now go embrace anti-conformity.

Get your first look at the B.zero1 Labyrinth here: B.zero1 Labyrinth ring 01 / 04 B.zero1 Labyrinth ring

The B.zero1 Labyrinth will be available at Bulgari boutiques from February 2018.


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